New Extreme 3 Windows!

New Extreme 3 Windows!

At Pennine we’re always looking for the next innovative product to offer our customers … so it’s little wonder why we are so delighted to introduce a product that tackles the three main issues for any home: security, protection from the elements and distracting noise.

Keeping your home and our loved ones safe has to be one of life’s most important priorities. With a total of 9 locking points on our Extreme 3, it is the ultimate product to protect your home, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

The ‘Nitty Gritty’:

The Extreme 3 offers enhanced durability and compression with exceptional ease of use. Its super glide gearbox offers a supremely smooth opening and closing mechanism, the interlocking hinge bolts and weather seals prevent even the heaviest downpour and most importantly, the vault bolt multi cam locking technology offers unsurpassable protection from intruders.

The vault bolt (pictured below) runs along the seal of our windows offering exceptional compression for protection against the elements and potential noise pollution so you can enjoy your home without unnecessary weather related interference or the distraction of outside traffic noise.


With a sash window you get two hinge bolts (pictured below) that opens seamlessly but again offers that crucial added security, compression and acoustic prevention.




Plus, all the amazing technological features of the Extreme 3 are now fitted to all our windows and doors without at all altering the beautiful  look of your chosen style or design. They are also extremely energy efficient with A+ rating as standard, keeping your home warm and your fuel costs at a minimum.

Book a no-obligation appointment with a member of our sales team and they will be more than happy to bring an example of the Extreme 3 window to your home, give a full demonstration and allow you to see for yourself how it works. Simply call: 0800 22 55 22 today or book an online appointment by clicking here.

For a limited time only, you can also enjoy up to 50% off all our windows!