There's no question that spacious home living makes for a more enjoyable home life, particularly when you have a large family to accommodate. When the walls start to feel as though they're closing in, put off all thoughts of moving and get improving and extending with a Pennine Home Improvements conservatory. The regular North-East family home will feel completely transformed when you have a conservatory out the back that you can utilise around the clock. It will also look more stylish ever before thanks to the meticulous detailing that goes into the finished design.

Not only is it guaranteed to make people stand up and take more notice of your home, the overall valuation of your property rises as a result of your acquisition.

And you couldn't wish for a more professional and capable company than Pennine Home Improvements to be taking care of the installation process; a visit to our showsite located at Dobbies Garden Centre, Birtley, will prove that.