Smart Roof Replacement

Our ‘Smart’ Roof is a fully insulated solid roof which allows for perfect temperature control all year round. It’s lightweight enough to sit neatly and safely on top of your existing window frames.

This smart, quick and cost-effective transformation means that you can convert your conservatory to a sunroom by replacing the polycarbonate with an innovative lightweight solid roof, designed specifically for conservatories.

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  • Options
    The choices are endless...

    The choices are endless...

    As well as giving you all year round insulation and temperature control, you have a great choice of roof styles, roof vents to allow for light, if desired, and a choice of internal finishes so that your room is just the way you want it inside and out.

    You can also select from a range of roof tile colours so you can be sure that we’ll integrate everything to fit in perfectly with the rest of your home.

    Keynote: move from conservatory to sun-porch in one easy, affordable step.

  • Planning
    Planning permission & building regulations...

    Planning permission & building regulations...

    More often than not, a conservatory won’t be subject to planning permission or building regulations and even less so for a ‘smart roof’ replacement. However if planning permission is required, then you can leave it to Pennine to get in touch with your local authority and arrange this on your behalf.

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  • Case Study
    Classic lean-to conservatory transformed with a Pennine 'Smart' Roof...

    Classic lean-to conservatory transformed with a Pennine 'Smart' Roof...

    • One of the latest and more popular types of transformation sees a conservatory become a sunroom with the fitting of a new insulated solid roof, finished with lightweight tiles or slates that are ideal for application on existing conservatories.

      In this instance burnt umber lightweight tiles are used to create a lean-to sunroom with a totally different feel and appearance to the conservatory that used to exist. Look closely and you’ll see that the pitch of the roof has been heightened and a glazed gable-end incorporated to make this medium sized conservatory seem more spacious. The sunroom remains a predominantly glazed structure so still benefits from vast amounts of natural light, while the solid roof offers and unique external appearance and internal ambience.

    • A classic hipped lean-to conservatory with polycarbonate glazed roof provided the perfect transition between home and garden at this property, but as a result of extensive use it was showing some signs of age.

      The roof in particular was tired and in need of refurbishment to properly do justice to the rest of the property and surrounding gardens. As is often the case though, the conservatory base and the windows and doors remained completely fit-for-purpose and, after very little maintenance, were still very clean and undamaged. Consequently a replacement roof was sought for this transformation.

  • Roof Windows
    A solid roof without losing the light...

    A solid roof without losing the light...

    Roof windows will offset the loss of natural light in comparison to a glass or polycarbonate roof. The light coming through the roof window will supplement the light that is permitted through the windows and doors. Impressive views of the skies above through a roof window can be equally impressive at both day and night. Furthermore, you’ll also gain overhead ventilation from a roof window which is particularly pleasant in the summer time when you wish to escape indoors away from the glaring sun, but do not want to completely shut out the air or sound of the outdoors.

  • Design Options
    A smart roof will give your conservatory a new lease of life...

    A smart roof will give your conservatory a new lease of life...

    • A smart roof is the perfect solution for your bespoke conservatory - offering contemporary or traditional finishes and a huge selection of roof tiles. You could line up several conservatories side-by-side and they will all differ in some way, either due to their shape, size or styling. But that will have no bearing on whether a smart roof can be integrated into the design as we can create a bespoke smart roof that perfectly compliments your custom-built conservatory. So that there is no diminishing of natural light filtering its way into the interior, you can also stipulate that internal spotlights are included in the proposed solid roof offering.

    • Whatever the shape and size of your current conservatory roof, we can replace it and create a custom-made smart tiled roof to take its place; certain to improve U-Values and generate a comfortable living environment that all the family can enjoy all year round. Morning, noon or night, your conservatory will provide an atmosphere perfect for contemporary home living. Our smart tiled roofs can be fitted with premium slate tiles or standard tiles in a range of colours to suit your property.

    • We understand it is important that the aesthetics of your new smart tiled roof bear a strong resemblance to those of the conservatory roof you are replacing. With this in mind, we can offer a variety of premium slate tiles or standard tiles and internal finishes inlacing plasterboard or tongue and grove timber ceilings creating a modern and contemporary look to your conservatory.

    • Transform your lean-to conservatory or sun lounge from a part of your house that you can only use occasionally to a year round living space. Smart roofs are manufactured to the highest quality with exceptional durability and strength giving your lean-to conservatory a whole new look.

  • Tile Options
    An important decision...

    An important decision...

    • Choosing the type of tile of your solid roof is something you should take your time deciding upon as you want the final finish to be complementary to the existing roof of your home.

      There are two types of roof covering that are both lightweight – making them ideal for use on conservatories. Furthermore, both options are completely weather proof. The first is lightweight tile and the second is lightweight slate which emulates, to fantastic effect, the look of natural slate.

    • Lighter than traditional roofing materials, quicker to fit and extremely low maintenance, this solid roof option is ideal for conservatories, orangeries, porches and extensions alike. A colour range that boasts ebony, red, umber, green and charcoal will enable you to create the external look that you desire from your new or refurbished roof.

    • Equally suitable for a low pitched roof this option is a modern equivalent to traditional slate roofing which has timeless appeal. Crucially, lightweight slate does not crack or delaminate like natural slate can sometimes do over time. Moulded to mirror the genuine peaks, plateaux and curves of natural slate, this roof covering is available in a broad colour palette of over 20 options, with pewter grey, plum, brick red, and stone black being among the most commonly specified.

  • Colour Options
    • Antique Red Tile
      Antique Red Tile
      Antique Red Tile Antique Red Tile
    • Burnt Umber Tile
      Burnt Umber Tile
      Burnt Umber Tile Burnt Umber Tile
    • Charcoal Tile
      Charcoal Tile
      Charcoal Tile Charcoal Tile
    • Ebony Tile
      Ebony Tile
      Ebony Tile Ebony Tile
    • Green Tile
      Green Tile
      Green Tile Green Tile
    • Brick Red Slate
      Brick Red Slate
      Brick Red Slate Brick Red Slate
    • Chesnut Brown Slate
      Chesnut Brown Slate
      Chesnut Brown Slate Chesnut Brown Slate
    • Pewter Grey Slate
      Pewter Grey Slate
      Pewter Grey Slate Pewter Grey Slate
    • Plum Slate
      Plum Slate
      Plum Slate Plum Slate
    • Stone Black Slate
      Stone Black Slate
      Stone Black Slate Stone Black Slate

    A range of options when it comes to colour...

    There is a range of colour choices on offer for our light weight tile, with each guaranteed to have a definitive effect on the overall structure. It’s exceptional durability and superior performance offers all the advantages of stone-coated steel.

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